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You can pay by the bank transfer or by PayPal.


Guarantee & Returns

We provide guarantee that not only material wise but also in function, our all tools are defect free. However, you can return or change the purchased tools with in 15 days, without any question. Immediately we will refund your payment or change the tools.



We ship optical tools by the postal service, courier service, by air or by ocean.
We prefer to send small quantity shipments by the postal service or by the courier service.
The large quantity shipments are preferred to send by air or by ocean.



The freight depends on the weight of the shipment. For better idea of freight, please let us inform about the required quantity of the tools.  Immediately we will provide the best freight to you.



We pack all the tools very carefully. The tools are packed in the standard poly bags, cardboard box and thick cardboard cartons. However, you can give us instruction for your required packing and labeling.
We pack the distometer in the wooden box.



Each tool has label with the standard marking. We provide company name, logo, product Identification number and special instruction on the tools. We also provide labels on the poly bags, cardboard box and on the main carton.


Spare Parts:
We provide the spare nylon jaw, screw, spring and rubber disks free of charge.

Vinyl Grip Handles:

The pliers have the standard soft, shiny red color vinyl grip handles. However, you can order for customized color. You can also order for dull mate and foaming grip. For customized grip handle, please ask us for price and availability.


Customized handle design:

All pliers have the standard design of the handles. However, the handles of the pliers can be customized. You can order us for special design of handles. For customized design, please contact us for cost of production and lead time. handle Mostly handles are designed with

  • Vinyl grip handle.
  • Non slip groove handles.
  • Non slip scratched handles.
  • Customized design.


Tools Finish:

All tools have dull mate finish. However customized mirror finish, and combination of dull & mirror polish is also available. For customized finish, please ask us for cost and lead time. The optical parallel jaw pliers have the black oxide color of the jaw, The handles of the parallel jaw pliers have the dull mate finish.


Weight of Tools:

The standard pliers have the 100 grams weight. However, some tools are larger. The larger tools have weight more than 100 grams. Further some tools are made with lightweight materials.


Material of Tools:

All optical pliers and optical cutters are made with the high standard stainless steel. We use premium quality corrosion free stainless steel. For tools we also use the aluminum, brass, acrylic, plastic, dalrin and Polypropylene.


Heat Treatment:

All Bristal optical pliers and optical cutters are well hardened. Optical tools pliers and optical screw cutters are hardened into the vacuum. The optical screw cutters and the optical wire cutters have special spot hardness on the edges. The spot hardness give the extra long life to the edges of the optical cutters.

Optical Tool Kit:

Bristal optical tool kits are manufactured with the real leather as well as with artificial leather and canvas. We use the best quality elastic to hold the optical tools into the kit. Mostly color of the tool bag is black, however it can be made with the customized colors. Durable zip is use to open and close the optical tool bag. The bristal logo is printed on the tool bags. You can also provide us your logo art work for printing on the tool bags.





List of Pliers:


2008002                Flat nylon round metal

2008049                Wide Jaw Angling Pliers

2008094                Finger piece pliers

2008104                Nose Pad Arm Cup Adjustment

2010018                Screw Gripper

2011007                Bench Block

2011015                Third hand

2011021                Rubberised Bench Block Claipers

2014004                Scissors Metal Snippers

2014009                Lense scraper

2015006                castroviejo gauge

2016001                Lens holder ,Black

2016002                Lens holder ,White

2017002                Anvil

2017003                Rivetting Hammer

2018001                thumb tools

2018002                Scalpel with metal handle

2025002                Semi-Rimless Glazing tool

20018004             Hot Pot Lifter

2015001                Calipers

2015002                Calipers

2015003                Degree Gauges

2015004                Calipers

2015005                Calipers

2015007                F Calipers

2015008                Calipers

2015009                Calipers

2015010                Calipers

2015011                Calipers

2015012                Distometer

2015017                Wide Throat Lens Thickness Caliper

2018003                PD RULER

2008018                Side cutter double joint

2008019                End cutter double joint

2008020                Screw Cutter

2008028                HD End cutter tungston carbide

2008044                Side Cutter

2008047                Oblique head end cutter

2008071                STELZER DIAGONAL CUTTER

2008081                Side cutter tungston carbide plierss

2008083                GFC Oblique head end cutter

20080106             Rimless Bushing Cutting Pliers

2008109                Side Cutter

2008023                Briot Axcell Deblocking pliers

2008024                Deblocking Plier for Block Hub

2025003                Deblocking tool

2025001                Essential Tools Kit

2008004                Double Nylon jaw pliers

2008005                Double nylon jaw pliers

2008095                Gripping Pliers

2008003                Nylon Eyewir Shaper Plier

2008015                Trident pliers

2008016                Trident pliers small

2008026                bending Pliers with 3 rolls

2008027                nose pad arm bending Pliers

2008100                New Hinge Pliers 2018

2012080                Three Square File

2012081                Round File

2012082                Oval File

2012083                Warding File

2012084                Marking File

2012085                Half-Round Ring

2012086                Hand

2012087                Economy Half-Round Ring

2012088                Knife file

2012089                Half-Round File

2012090                Crossing file

2012091                Crochet

2012092                Barrette-Ground Back

2012093                Barrette File

2008101                Bracing pliers

2009002                Pliers Stand

2009005                Classic pliers stand

2008012                Lens Alinger

2008013                Chipping Pliers

2008014                Size testing extra wide pliers

2008090                Size testing pliers

2008105                Lens Aligners

2008111                Lens-Turning-Plier

2008006                Curved Long Nose Chain Pliers

2008011                Flat snip nose pliers extra long

2008088                Flat snip nose pliers

2008091                Flat Snipe Nose Pliers

2008096                Peening pliers

2008097                Lens sizing Angled  Pliers

2008098                Screw riveting plier

2008099                Rivet Flaring Pliers

2007004                Nylon Eyewir Shaper Pliers

2007087                cutter for nylon liner

2007090                Rimless Bushing Cutting Pliers

2007094                Holding pliers

2007100                Pressing Pliers With Rotatable Jaws

2008001                Combo pad ar nose pad adjusting pliers

2008010                Nose pad popping pliers

2008021                Euro Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers

2008022                Push in  Nose Pad Adjusting Plier

2008102                Euro nose pad arm cup adjustment pliers.

2008110                Pad Adjusting Plier

2013001                Handles-Adjustable  Chucks

2013003                Brass Bench Screwdriver

2013025                Ball Bearing Screwdriver

2013026                Philips Head Professional Pick-up Screwdriver

2013027                Bristal designed Pro Screwdriver

2013028                Standard Screw Driver

2024001                Parallel jaw plier

2024002                Parallel jaw plier

2024004                Parallel jaw Oblique Head End Cutter

2024005                Parallel-Holding pliers

2024006                Parallel jaw plier Flat Nose

2024007                Parallel-Pressure Mount Plier

2024008                Parallel Action Rimless Post Pulling Plier

2024009                Parallel Action Narrow End Flush Cutting Plier

2024010                Parallel Action Post pushing pliers

2007063                Screw Holding With Locking System

2010005                PAD SCREW HOLDING TWEEZERS

2010008                Nylon liner tweezers

2010011                special-purpose-holding-Curved-Points-tweezers

2010016                FINER POINTED TWEEZERS

2010019                LONG STRAIGHT

2010021                Retrieving Tweezer

2010022                Utility Tweezer curve

2010023                Cross locking tweezer

2010024                Cover Glass Tweezer curve

2010025                Balance Weight Forceps

2010026                Handling Tweezer, Bent

2010027                Swiss Pattern Tweezer

2010028                Sharp point Swiss Pattern Tweezer

2010029                Swiss Pattern Tweezer

2010030                Stamp Tweezer

2010031                Utility Tweezer

2010032                Utility Tweezer

2010033                EASY PICKUP TWEEZER

2010034                screw holding tweezer

2010035                Screw holding tweezer with lock

2010036                Cross-Locking Tweezer

2010037                Nose pad poping tweezers

2011022                screw holding tweezer cuverd

2008017                End cutter

2080104                Hinge Setting or Angling Pliers