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Push in Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers $13.00
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Specially designed PVC jaw to adjust / twist
Euro nose pad arm cup without a scratch.

Available on backorder



Available on backorder

Specially designed PVC jaw to adjust/twist euro nose pad arm cup without a scratch. The Bristal Optical offers a comprehensive line of optical supplies and optical retail accessories that can meet the needs of any optical professional. Our wide range of over 400 optical pliers, optical tweezers, gripping Pliers, Nose pad adjusting pliers, cutting pliers, End Cutters, Curved Long Nose Chain Pliers, Euro Nose Pad Arm Cup, screwdrivers, etc available at www.bristal.com. Also, you can order special tools for your needs. In other words, everyday low prices make us a true one-stop-shop for your practice. Based in Sialkot, we are leading optical tools suppliers since 1980.

Length: approx. 130MM
Weight: approx. 150 g
Material: Stainless steel
Finish: Dull mate
Handle: Cushion-Grip handle


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